Thank you for visiting our website. PADCO JAMAICA LTD is a design-build company that offers to you the advantages of a one stop shop operation for all your construction needs. Whether you are planning to build a new house, do an addition or renovate, PADCO provides all the necessary expertise to make your project a hassle free success. You have the option of selecting a pre-designed house from our database that we will construct for you to our high standards and specifications. As the designs and construction drawings are pre done you benefit from not having to pay any design /drafting fees and also a reduction in delivery time of the project from appointment to complete construction. We will also work with the you to get done, custom design of any building or house if none of our pre-design plans suit your need.

PADCO removes all the headache that comes with doing a construction project here in Jamaica because we take care of everything, including preparing and submitting the drawings to the Parish Council for approval, providing estimates and carry out any other activity that will be required to get your project started. Our                     approach ensures that our clients gets the best value for money in the shortest possible time.


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