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Bedrooms: 3#

Bathrooms: 2#

Half Bathrooms: 1#

Total Area: 3,825 sq.ft


For those who want to enjoy spacious surroundings and don't want to have climb stair cases will definitely enjoy living in this house. The design incorporates an open concept with high ceilings, columns and arches. These enhance the elegance of the living and the dining room areas as it serves as a separation between the two. The plan also includes a TV room and a large back porch which makes it suitable for entertainment and or a games room. The master bedroom has a large bay area which is ideal for a variety of activities such as reading, lounging etc. which doesnt interfere with the main space.

The external features of coin stones, tapered columns and raised bands around openings give the structure its Georgian architecture identity. The design also includes some indigenous features such as a front verandah, casement windows with louvers and open carport.

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