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Bedrooms: 3#

Bathrooms: 2#

Total Area: 2,000 sq.ft


A very simple but lovely design and is ideal for persons who are interested in minimizing the cost of owning a house but still require elegant, style, beauty and functionality. This plan satisfy all those requirements by transforming an opened plan into a structure with elegant columns and graceful arches, a combination of different vertical geometric shapes, wonderful roof scape and stained finishes to windows and doors.

The plan was also design to allow for phase construction. Depending on your need, the master bedroom, the back porch and laundry room may be added at a later date, allowing the owner to start with a two bedroom house. The Back porch space can also be converted into a family room and then be re-added at the back. If one wishes, the master bedroom maybe relocated to take the place of bedroom #3 and vica- versa. Depending on the size of the lot the rooms may also be made bigger if one wishes and an additional bay of carport added. These are just some of the flexibility of this design.

The plan also makes provision for services above the laundry room to house water tanks, pump and filters. These are carefully concealed using the structure and the roof profile so that they cannot be seen. To further enhance the look the walls are textured finished with unique colours.

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